Stay with your beloved forever with cremation diamond.

Thinking of ordering cremation diamonds? Want to know more about turning ashes into diamonds? Read our post to get the idea on where to get best price of memorial diamonds made from the ashes.The loss of a dearly loved person is life-changing. One moment your loved one was with you. The next moment, he or she is gone. Your love endures in a void created by death. And your own life, with its rainbow of experiences, goes on. A cremation diamond, also referred to as a memorial diamond, is a unique way of enabling you to keep your memories and your loved one by your side each and every day. When planning a funeral, it's good to know that modern science has enabled many alternatives to burial. Turning ashes into diamonds is one of the most beautiful and the most symbolic.

Turning ashes into diamonds makes infinite love

A stunningly brilliant diamond made from the ashes of your loved one is an eternal creation that can be made into cremation jewelry, keeping your loved one's memory alive for generations to come. An ecologically friendly way to preserve your precious memories, the diamond-creation process uses no chemicals or materials other than cremation ashes. It produces no harmful residues. There's no need to think about burial plots or urns, or about designating a map location to be used as your loved one's final resting spot, and the cost of turning ashes into diamonds is not as high as you may think. You can hold him or her in the palm of your hand.

Yes, a diamond is forever. Memories of glorious hours, days and years spent with loved ones are as eternal as a cremation diamond. Deciding for a diamond made from the ashes of a loved one may be one of the easiest choices you'll ever make. The experts who produce EverDear & Co.'s cremation diamonds will accompany you every step of the way as your diamond is created from the ashes, hair or even the animal fur of a dear one, and you don't need to worry about the prices of the cremation diamonds.A meaningful memorial spanning generations, a sparkling diamond solitaire made from the ashes can be set as fine cremation jewelry and will be a precious heirloom passed down through the decades to younger family members. The prices of EverDear & Co.'s diamond made from the ashes are amongst the most attractive on the market, and our professional diamond-creation process and personal service ensure that your loved one's remains are memorialized with beauty and dignity, which is excellent value for the cost of ashes to diamond.

Cremation diamonds are real diamonds!

Cremation diamonds are genuine, manmade diamonds with all the beauty of natural diamonds. They can be certified by the Gemological Institute of American (GIA) or the International Gemological Institute (IGI), the world's foremost diamond authorities. The "4Cs" of diamond grading define the footprint of your cremation diamond's certification: color, cut, clarity and carat. You choose the color and carat. Rely on EverDear & Co.'s experience and expertise to create optimal cut and clarity, and our professional diamond-creation process will satisfy your every imagination about real diamonds, so that satisfaction with the ashes into diamonds cost is highly guaranteed.EverDear & Co.'s artisans exclusively craft round-cut diamonds. The dazzling brilliance of the round cut is legendary. Each facet and angle is intricately designed, created and polished, resulting in the sparkling brilliance for which exceptional diamonds are famous. The clarity of memorial diamonds is generally very high. During the diamond-creation process, thanks to a highly refined purification technology, inclusions are extremely minimal and typically invisible to the naked eye. Of course, since every diamond, due to the unique nature of its materials, is one-of-a-kind, there are small variations from one EverDear & Co. memorial diamond to the next. Your memorial diamond is a unique testament to your love.

EverDear & Co. works for you

EverDear & Co. specializes in turning ashes into diamonds. Many people who come to EverDear & Co. may think first of memorializing a loved one using cremation ashes, so it may come as a surprise to learn that EverDear & Co.'s diamond-creation process can also be applied to pet fur or human hair. In other words, creating a memorial diamond does not require cremation as a funeral rite.

The ashes-into-diamonds cost may comes as another surprise as it is not as high as you think.

Memorizing every precious moment with a memorial diamond made by the hair of two lovers is becoming new trends.

Your memories of your loved one evoke strong feelings. You can choose the color of your memorial diamond, expressing warmth, coolness or any other personal feeling the hue awakens in you. EverDear & Co. offers several diamond color choices, each determined by the purification level of the ashes. The yellow "Golden Star" color is the most natural one, created from ashes containing nitrogen and boron. The blue "Azure Serenity" is made from ashes containing just boron – an element created in stars – after we've purified them of the nitrogen.

The prices of different kinds of cremation diamond are different. The colorless "Immaculate Soul" is our most refined diamond, because the ashes have been completely purified. These diamonds are the most expensive of our range due to the extreme levels of purification required to create them. Unlike naturally mined diamonds, for which vivid yellows and blues carry the biggest price-tag, the "Golden Star" and "Blue Azure" are at the lower end of EverDear & Co.'sprice spectrum since the purification process is less intense. The purification procedure is one of the main factors determining the cost of turning ashes into diamonds.

Cremation jewelry

EverDear & Co. offers wonderful ways to keep your loved one always close to your heart. EverDear & Co.'s services include optional mounting of your cremation diamond(s) in high-quality settings for rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings. Our wide selection of styles ranges from traditional to modern. The beauty of cremation jewelry is not only in the eyes of the beholder – it is an expression of your love throughout the days and years to come. The prices of are highly acceptable. More details are on their Facebook homepage.

Memorialize your loved one as a diamond

A diamond made from the ashes, or a pet cremation diamond, is your unique, eternal memorial of a deeply loved person or animal. Wonderful memories will live and breathe with you as dazzling cremation jewelry or a stunning personal treasure. A diamond is forever, just as your love is forever.